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Reception is a sprawling manic depressive swing through the seven circles of rock. From crushing hedonistic anthems ("Reception") to emotionally naked confessionals ("Strong Things"), Reception hides behind no badge of any genre. With the entire arsenal of Death By Audio effects and instruments at their disposal, Coin Under Tongue have created an album with a sonic imprint like no other. But make no mistake, this is pop music with a lyrical heart big enough to pump blood into these monster songs. Features contributions from Allen Blickle of Baroness and production by Oliver Ackermann of A Place To Bury Strangers.


"Brooklyn’s Coin Under Tongue are back with the magnificent opus RECEPTION, a fucking superb (and TOO BRIEF!) display of angular No Grunge by way of post post Post-Punk, through a hard rock filter, Methinks. Whatever it be, this record is one catchy bastardo. For RECEPTION resounds, nay, abounds with Ur-melodies and neo-riffage, crammed’n’rammed ingenious Futuretro guaranteed to re-fry listeners’ brainsacs." -Julian Cope

"The best musical ideas always crack me up even if they're not supposed to be funny. If there's any element of a record that blows my mind or takes me by surprise or just sounds like something I never would have thought of myself, I find myself chuckling. I really think it's the highest compliment that I (inadvertently) ever grant. Listening to Reception for the past week, I've been cracking up quite a bit. I really think these guys know what they're doing. They constantly surprise me, and this record has got the best lyrics from a New York band in years and years. Coin Under Tongue have made a record that somehow sounds like all the things you loved when you were first getting scared by music." - Britt Daniel (Spoon)


released August 24, 2010



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Coin Under Tongue Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Beyond Yes
There’s a castle on Burnside where the Pavement ends
but spells don’t fly here ‘cause witches ain’t in it to win
I came out of my shell - into a cutesy neon hell
but I’ve got no Intentions of sticking around here again

I know why you’ve been taken again

Zombies on the set, chewing up the scenery
Quick clip, side step, Girl, you’re gonna split that seam
They ask you where you’re from
My drawl colors me dumb
but I’ve got dunce cap make that twice as tall as you’ve ever seen

I’m not even gonna lie

You’ll get a ticket for pissing in this town of Alamos
Skeletons don’t complain because they’re tough as bones
People let you down - they thought I was a clown
but I’ve got two feet and two quarters leanin’ towards the record machine
Track Name: Dogma Sheen
Spandex shaman wavin’ glowsticks
I don’t need no fourth dimensional bull trip
Now see, those are your heroes not mine
I wanna live but never tried

‘Cause I’m blown and crass
the free things never seem to last
My locker’s deep, I figured out

Classic rock, domestic bliss
let the record reflect that’s where my rainbow ends
now see I am shaking out my sheets
My walk exudes a new dogma sheen

there’s a new kick in my heels
simple enough, threw away my shields
Track Name: Junksmith
Losing ornaments, ditching the cane
dust off, work the kinks out the chain
class new, get this plan to move
before we leave a clue

Quilted sail up, tied with nooses
if it sort of works, we’ll learn to abuse it
In the end, it sort of depends
on the way you hold your chin

we’re coming out of the clouds
prolly the darkest one out
You feel the dampness at your house?

A new beginning, souped up in rags
if it’s time to carry, we’re hands over bags
If you can’t already feel the heat
then maybe you need sleep

The one in back, on the end and to the left
Is there time or is the cost of living death?
‘Cause if you get bent back you can either
crack or snap back hard

You wanna fuck with this? fine.
Keep shining right in my eyes
Minimal disguise, when you least expect it
heaven’s gonna come and check it
You should frame your mistakes
hang ‘em like some nice plates
Ease up and have some faith
when the judge calls, you can take it to the halls
A Pigeon scrappin for feed in the cage city
dream of yard, break the fall
Track Name: Seizure in the Stairwell
With an Army so good at war it shoots itself
where politicians want to milk your health
panic attack may quell
Seizure in the stairwell
They’ll nick your dime then charge you with being poor
You’ll bail them out, they’ll change the locks on your door
two tours in the desert
broke as fuck and can’t work
December in his pockets while late July is burning through his mind

Crumbs turn to bombs when the trickle
has no one to hand it down the middle
Shakey like a scaffold
their advice is “Buy Gold”
Backroom driver’s pad their seats and hit it
but the battery’s gone and they broke the key off in it
Rich folk never appraise slime art in the subways

Powerball clogging up the line
it’s the only hope for many, it’s a crime wave
go play, off sent to die

Surrounded by a city full of shine
like a kicking dog tied to a clothes line
Vampire bankers, paper blood
they never seem to get enough
Now I was in a bargain bin of people
then I saw her there in the Meadow Of No Equal
That’s some news I’ll make mine
all suitors can hit the slide
Just when the hope well runs dry
then the little kids wave when you walk by
I don’t mind,
hell, it’s divine!
Track Name: Boatman's Song
Here comes the figure
with his stick in the river
giving one-way shotgun rides

when his skiff touched the dock
my heart nearly stopped
'till I saw his "off-duty" sign

he said, "Hey, don't you fret
and try to put regret
on the backburner of your mind.

I'm just in the doghouse
so I had to take out
but don't get too proud of your crimes."

With a crack of his flask
he threw a shot back
and pointed it towards my pier

I accepted his favor
and tried best to savor my fear

With two eyes like shadows,
silhouette like a gallows
he asked why did I drunk dial last night

I said, "an art show, a party,
a birthday mar gradi
I just can't escape the good times

So then I call the mule
to bring me the fuel
to burn myself up in the night."

He said, "Are you fucking serious
or are you delirious?
That's better than rolling with my tide.

A girl with a face
that looks like a case
for the most beautiful alibi,

in a circle of candles
she'll slaughter your animal inside."

He said, "Did you ever notice
when you feel like the mostest
that's when you trip on your pride?

And when you're destroyed,
a mistaken decoy,
a flickering coin catches eye?

Hey look, I'm no scientist
but there's no denying this
life is a sine wave hayride.

Maybe the winter
will come out and filter
the husks from the cobs of your life."

He put his hand on my shoulder,
withdrew it, I felt colder,
teeth chattering in denial.

As I watched him set drift
with my coat in his grip
I decide
"well, it's warmer inside."
Track Name: Reception
We'll karaok at the Reception
We'll throw our horns instead of rice
Fill the VFW with her best friends and my best dudes
and a kiddie pool full of ice

We'll smoke out back at the Reception
Burn holes in suits we bought last night
In a Veteran's Hall in a galaxy from a movie screen
with flash light sabers at their sides

VA, DC, that east coast connection
Only the young get red-eye
don't need DJs to get our selections
bangin' the P.A. on this ride

That punk chick walked into the wrong bathroom at the right time,
lips spotted leopard-print with wine.

There's catching up to do with new nephews, lost cousins too
No better time to meet them tonight

Reception, Reception,
is it coming through loud and clear, yeah?
Reception, Reception,
noise complaint can't drown it out, no!
Reception, Reception,
a couple frozen in its prime
Track Name: Night Weed
Rag time, off the grid
Cut it down to the quick
blue hand, hold the plan
body doesn't understand

I just wanna add these salts for desserts
I don't care if later it hurts
I just wanna push these fangs up front
I'm so tired of covering up

Eyes back, teeth proceed
coursing through second speed
Partake triple thrill
made me spend my two dollar bill

I just wanna add these salts for desserts
I don't care if later it hurts
I just wanna push these fangs to the front
I'm so tired of covering up

I just wanna put these hits down now
I got so high I felt new in town
Track Name: Conflicted
Between anticipation and done
you try to pin the tail on fun.
In the mirror, pissed and sleeveless
may the best side win


Sometimes you chase your hat for so long
you don't notice lines you crossed.
Then you try it, just to get inspired
into dropping jaws


Might as well start calling it fate
you can't go back it's too late
Throw away just to dig it out the next day,
my meltdown

You know I can't ask you how you're doing
because we both already know the answer to that
Every time I try to get you help, you lose hearing.
We were both racing to die and now it looks like you've won
in more ways than one
because now I'm losing you
Track Name: Strong Things
I've been talking behind your back
'cause it's the only side that faces me.
I know your schedule's pretty packed
mine's just started unraveling

I feel too much, I know

Swapped the trailers for mesas
got a job nursing natives
Rez at night, black as outer space
It's hard to hold onto strong things

Remember when we threw that cake
into the ceiling fan? Don't look that way...
All we've got now is a past
that you continually punch in face

Senseless overflow

You're working up a storm again
I'm just getting lost in the wind
Out of the South at the same time
How did I end up so far behind?
I just waited a long time
I just waited alone